ArrayFire License conflicts with Jacket license?

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ArrayFire License conflicts with Jacket license?

Postby jrgardner » Thu Jan 24, 2013 5:41 pm

Hello -

We have some code that we have working quite well that uses Matlab and Jacket. We are, however, beginning the process of porting our code to a C++ implementation. While porting, we were hoping to convert our code parts at a time so that we could verify correctness after each part was converted. Ideally we would do this essentially by, at least at first, writing portions of our code at a time as mexed C++ and replace the matlab code with the mex call (this would also have the advantage of maintaining a matlab interface). For the parts of our program done on the GPU, we were hoping to replace Jacket code with mexed ArrayFire code.

I'm aware that AccelerEyes doesn't officially support using mexed ArrayFire code, however we have that working. Our issue occurs when our program tries to execute ArrayFire code, and THEN tries to execute Jacket code, for example:
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>> A = rand(10000); B = rand(10000);
>> C = AFMatMult(A,B); % Simple toy mex file that multiplies A and B using ArrayFire. Works fine.
>> dA = gdouble(A); % Gonna fail
Error using gpu_entry
src/license.cpp:168: (null) feature requires ArrayFire Pro, see

It seems like the Jacket call is now trying to look for that feature in an ArrayFire license instead of our Jacket license. If we restart matlab and just run Jacket code normally, obviously everything works fine. Furthermore, the reverse also fails: if we execute Jacket code and THEN attempt to execute ArrayFire code, the ArrayFire code fails.

Basically: is there any way to fix this issue short of getting an ArrayFire Pro license (which looks like it might accept the "(null)" feature, if somewhat mistakenly)?

Thanks for any guidance on this!
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Re: ArrayFire License conflicts with Jacket license?

Postby pavanky » Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:38 am


We strongly advice against using arrayfire and jacket together. This can produce all kinds of undefined behavior. If you want to extend Jacket please use the Jacket SDK.

In case you must absolutely use this configuration, try creating an environment variable called LM_LICENSE_FILE like the following

On Linux / Mac put it in .bashrc or .bash_profile


On Windows use ; instead of : and add it to environment variables.
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