Invalid escape sequence during gactivate

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Invalid escape sequence during gactivate

Postby dtworth » Tue Dec 18, 2012 11:56 am

Using Matlab R2009a in 64-bit mode
Jacket 2.2 with trial license
CUDA 5 - compatable GPU
Windows XP-64

I get the following screen:

>> gactivate
Welcome to Jacket: The GPU Engine for MATLAB!

Verifying Installation ....

Is Jacket gpu_entry.mex file found? .... OK
Is the driver version correct? .... OK
Is jlicense.dat license file found? .... OK

Testing Jacket license and runtime ....

Jacket v2.3 (build b55c105) by AccelerEyes (64-bit Windows)
Warning: Invalid escape sequence appears in format string. See help sprintf for valid escape
> In C:\Program Files\AccelerEyes\Jacket\2.3\engine\ginfo.p>gpu_entry_ at 130
In C:\Program Files\AccelerEyes\Jacket\2.3\engine\ginfo.p>ginfo at 116
In C:\Program Files\AccelerEyes\Jacket\2.3\engine\gactivate.p>gactivate at 121


??? Error using ==> gpu_entry_ at 130
Invalid MEX-file 'C:
Error in ==> C:\Program Files\AccelerEyes\Jacket\2.3\engine\ginfo.p>gpu_entry_ at 130
Error in ==> C:\Program Files\AccelerEyes\Jacket\2.3\engine\ginfo.p>ginfo at 116
Error in ==> C:\Program Files\AccelerEyes\Jacket\2.3\engine\gactivate.p>gactivate at 121
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Re: Invalid escape sequence during gactivate

Postby malcolm » Thu Dec 20, 2012 4:51 pm

Hi Daniel,

We think the failure you're encountering may be due to a Windows SDK issue, but regardless Jacket is no longer being sold (see the AccelerEyes Blog). We're currently working with MathWorks to improve their GPU support in the Parallel Compute Toolbox, so you may want to check that out if you're still looking to accelerate your code.
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