Update HPC license to Jacket v2.3, but still run v2.2?

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Update HPC license to Jacket v2.3, but still run v2.2?

Postby kernelpanic » Fri Nov 09, 2012 8:02 am


We would like to try out CUDA v5.0 and Jacket v2.3 on some of the GPU nodes in our cluster.

However, we don't want to upgrade the entire GPU cluster to CUDA v5 and Jacket v2.3 just yet, until it's tested working.

I would like to update two GPU nodes to CUDA v5 and Jacket v2.3 while the rest of the cluster continues to run CUDA v4.2 and Jacket v2.2

My question is please, can I upgrade our license to the latest Jacket v2.3 HPC license (FLEXlm) on the cluster, and then run a mixed environment on the cluster of Jacket v2.3 and v2.2 using this license?

Basically, is the Jacket HPC v2.3 license 'downwards compatible' with the cluster GPU nodes still running Jacket v2.2?

My feeling is that it is compatible, but I would just like to make 100% sure before I go re-configuring... :)


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Re: Update HPC license to Jacket v2.3, but still run v2.2?

Postby vishy » Fri Nov 09, 2012 3:09 pm


While that is a good way to test out the latest and greatest Jacket version, we ourselves do not have the ability to support these kinds of unconventional system configurations. We recommend that a cluster be as uniform as possible.

If I may suggest an alternative:
- Two different Jacket versions can coexist; i.e you can install the two versions alongside each other.
- You can install a designated Jacket version on one or two of your nodes. Make sure that the NVIDIA Driver is up to date on these nodes (don't install the CUDA toolkit).
- You could have a trial license be the license that drives this version of Jacket.
- The HPC license would still drive the Jacket 2.2 cluster.
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