Installing Jacket on Mac Mountainlion with x64 Matlab

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Installing Jacket on Mac Mountainlion with x64 Matlab

Postby StefanSicne » Sun Oct 14, 2012 6:01 pm


I am using x64 Matlab, and decided to install jacket.
The graphic card I am using on my MacBook Pro is AMD Radeon HD 6750M.

I downloaded Jacket, and copied files to /Application/Jacket. And my problems start after trying to activate Jacket.

Next I run GACTIVATE and here are the messages I receive:

Welcome to Jacket: The GPU Engine for MATLAB!

Verifying Installation ....

Is Jacket gpu_entry.mex file found? .... OK
Is the driver version correct? .... Invalid MEX-file '/Applications/Jacket/engine/getcudrvver.mexmaci64':
dlopen(/Applications/Jacket/engine/getcudrvver.mexmaci64, 1): Library not loaded:
Referenced from: /Applications/Jacket/engine/getcudrvver.mexmaci64
Reason: image not found

I am stuck with this, I am not sure, what it is actually asking me to do. If I understand correctly, it is searching for CUDA drivers, but I don't know why, since I am not using Nvidia GPU. Where am I making mistakes, and how can I finally get Jacket on my machine?

Thanks in advance for help.
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Re: Installing Jacket on Mac Mountainlion with x64 Matlab

Postby vishy » Mon Oct 29, 2012 3:25 pm


Thanks for your interest in Jacket. It appears you may have mistakenly downloaded Jacket for NVIDIA devices.

We have two versions of Jacket available for download; Jacket for NVIDIA GPUs works only on NVIDIA CUDA-capable GPUs.
Jacket for OpenCL devices is in beta, and works only on OpenCL-capable devices such as those from AMD and Intel.

Jacket for OpenCL is only for Windows or Linux machines at the moment. All the 3rd-party libraries needed to make Jacket run on mac devices are not available at the moment, and we are currently working on various alternatives.

Hope this helps.
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