CPU memory greater than GPU memory recommendation

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CPU memory greater than GPU memory recommendation

Postby melonakos » Sun Apr 10, 2011 11:25 pm

We just received the following question via email:

I had a question concerning the system specs for Jacket. According to your site: "We recommend your CPU to have more memory than your GPU." We are in the processing of spec'ing out a multi-gpu system, such as HP's ProLiant SL390s, which is capable of up to 8 M2070s each. These systems are capable of two quad- or six-core Xeon processors. Here are my questions: does each CPU or core need to have more memory than the GPU? Also, since the M2070s have 6 Gb each, does that mean we need a total memory amount greater than the total memory of all GPUs?

The simple explanation is to ensure that when you have data on the GPU which needs to return to the host, that the host always has space for it. As long as each GPU has a place to potentially return the entire contents of its memory back to the host (without clobbering other important things), you should be fine. Hope that helps!

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