Trouble getting started with Jacket

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Trouble getting started with Jacket

Postby melonakos » Wed Feb 02, 2011 9:52 pm

One new Jacket programmer emailed the following questions to us:

I plan to create really powerful computer with 4 GPUs (4 video card GTX580) or with 8 GPUs (4 video card GTX590). Thus I plan to reduce an operating time of my program from 1 month till 3 days. It is my main task. Before I will buy such computer I should be assured of correctness of a choice.

For its decision it is necessary to make algorithm optimization on GPU. Today I tried to start the program on one GPU GTX480 and have received while delay in 4 times :), at loading GPU of 6 %.

It now a main point why. All data settles down in memory therefore expenses for transportation isn't present. In my program the big matrixes are multiplied, but I have many cycles for construction of these matrixes. I think in it a problem. How I understand it is necessary to replace operator FOR on GFOR?

Big Matrix symmetric and to reduce time and to reduce loading of memory I it I multiply in parts in a cycle. What will advise?

Why at me of 6 % of loading GPU?

First of all, thank you for your email and this sounds like a great system and opportunity! We look forward to working with you during your trial experience with Jacket.

In order to help you solve this problem, I need to better understand what you mean by "have received while delay in 4 times :), at loading GPU of 6 %". Can you please explain further?

I understand that you are trying to use GFOR to replace a FOR loop. Have you read the GFOR documentation?

We look forward to helping you. The best way we can help you is if you will provide your code and output from your code in these forums. With your code, we will be able to help much better.

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