Known Issue: CUFFT Failure on Tesla (in use) + Fermi

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Known Issue: CUFFT Failure on Tesla (in use) + Fermi

Postby vishy » Tue Nov 09, 2010 4:00 pm

On machines with a Tesla and a Fermi, gselecting a Fermi and performing FFT-based computations results in a CUFFT error.
Our test system consisted of a Linux 32 machine with a C2070 and C1060, running Jacket 1.5.1. The C1060 was gselected, and the following Jacket code was run on it. This caused an "Internal CUFFT Error".

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A = gdouble(rand(1000,1));
B = A.*A;
C = fft(A);

??? Error using ==> fft
Jacket Error A115: Internal CUFFT error. Please read the FAQ entry at (toolbox/frontend/

This is a known issue related to FFT on cards of different compute capabilities and is reproducible on Jacket 1.5 and higher. We anticipate that the CUDA 3.2 toolkit, released recently by NVIDIA, will fix this issue, and are currently working on getting Jacket built with this toolkit version.

(This issue is also documented in the release notes, section "known issues":
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