Running mulitple GPUs on JMC compiled code

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Running mulitple GPUs on JMC compiled code

Postby slarkin712 » Mon Oct 11, 2010 11:43 am

My company recently purchased Jacket MGL license with the intent of compiling our code for use by a customer with a multiple GPU computer. In order to make this work we were informed that we need the Parallel Computing Toolbox, so we purchased that as well. Today I stumbled upon this in the wiki pages:

Can I run Jacket JMC compiled code in a multiple GPU or GPU cluster configuration?
MATLAB does not allow PCT workers to run in an MCC-generated executable (i.e. the “local configuration” is not valid in deployed applications). However, you can run MCC-generated executables in a MATLAB Distributed Computing Server (MDCS) setup. This also holds true with Jacket JMC executables, only in an MDCS configuration can these executables run in a multiple GPU configuration. Jacket’s licensing system will allow executables set up to normally run on 2 to 8 GPUs with Jacket MGL to execute in this MDCS environment, as we do with Jacket HPC, even though Jacket HPC licenses are only available for configurations above 8 GPUs.

If this is true, then we wasted our resources on the PCT and need to buy the MDCS instead? Or do we need both the PCT and MDCS to deploy our multi-GPU application? This will only be run on a single machine and not in a cluster. Thanks for any info.

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