Jacket JMC input data

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Jacket JMC input data

Postby melonakos » Tue Aug 03, 2010 5:50 pm

One Jacket programmer just emailed the following to us:

Right now I am focusing specifically around standalone executables. I am trying to pass an arguement, either an array or a filename of an array, to an executable including Jacket. I saw this in the Jacket_JMC documentation:

Requirements for Compiling
1. MATLAB installation with the MATLAB Compiler (MCC)
2. A Jacket application with all m-files in one directory. No addpath statements are allowed in the application. The main executable M-file must take no arguments.

Is there a method to pass data to my executable? With standard MATLAB standalone executables I can just pass the arguments after the filename, like:

./myExecutable arg arg ...

I have not been able to do this for MATLAB w/ Jacket executables.

Great question. I've not seen anyone using the MATLAB Compiler to do:

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./myExecutable arg arg ...

But, you might want to look closely at the MATLAB Compiler documentation to see if you can figure that out (http://www.mathworks.com/products/compiler/). This question really has more to do with the MATLAB Compiler than with Jacket JMC.

If your data filename doesn't change, you can always place the data file in the same directory as the executable and use the LOAD('filename') command in your M-script.

Good luck!

John Melonakos (john@arrayfire.com)
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