How to begin re-writing my code?

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How to begin re-writing my code?

Postby melonakos » Tue Jul 20, 2010 4:39 pm

One programmer just emailed the following to us:

I downloaded the trial version of Jacket to accelerate our research. We installed a GPU and downloaded Jacket to try and speed up the code we already have written in MATLAB. I am not sure how to really begin re-writing this code. I used the MATLAB profiler to see where the code was spending most of its time but I was wondering what the best resources were to figure out what can be changed in our code to speed it up efficiently. Also I was wondering if the code written for our GUI can be sped up using Jacket.

Thank you for this email. The typical workflow for getting started with Jacket is available on our Documentation Wiki, here:

Steps consist of Profiling, Jacketizing, and Optimizing your code. Don't try to do 1000s of lines of code at once. Find the hotspots and focus your attention on those first! We include 3 case studies where we show how different users have achieved success with Jacket on that page.

It's important to understand which functions are Jacket Supported. A complete list of those functions is available here: Note that none of the GUI specific functions can be run on the GPU, but any of the Jacket Supported functions that you call from your GUI application are available to Jacket for GPU computing.

Hopefully this helps you get started. We look forward to hearing your feedback as you make progress!


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